Goats cheese and rocket on a white plate
Goats cheese and rocket on a white plate

Canapes and Sushi Platters

Catering for Your Special Event


Special event catering, unsurprisingly, requires a special caterer! Special events such as business promotions, school proms, drinks receptions, networking breakfasts, rallies and festivals are characterised by their quirky and remote locations. To make your special event memorable what you'll need is an experienced caterer that is completely unflappable


Individual Items:


Mini Cheese Burger Crostini

Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Beef & Horseradish crème fraiche;

Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Chicken & Redcurrant marmalade   

Mini Tartlets with sweet peppers stuffed with cheese on a bed of onion marmalade (V)

Mini Tartlets filled with a sweet Chilli jam top with goat’s cheese(V)

Mini Tartlets with Prawns and Spicy Salsa

Mini Chicken Satay Sticks with a sweet Chilli dip

Mini Cottage pie

Mini British Chicken & Bacon Pies

Mini Duck Spring Rolls served with a Hoi Sin dip

Mini Spring Roll (V)

Mini Onion bhaji (V)

Mini Samos (V)


Oriental Filo Prawns with a sweet Chilli dip

Pate on Ciabatta bread with mango

Smoked Salmon & Cream cheese bagel bite

Stilton served on a Blinis topped with a black olives (V)

Quails Eggs served with celery salt (V) (GF)

Vegetarian Party Quiche Assortment (V)

Feta cheese & Black olive on a cocktail stick (V)

Brie & Grape on a cocktail stick (V) (GF)

Stilton & Pineapple on a cocktail stick (V) (GF)


Bite size Belgium cakes (V)

Mini Scones with fresh cream & a strawberry (V)

Mini Blackcurrent Cheesecake

Mini Chocolate Croustillant

Fruit kebabs on a skewer (V) (GF) (VG)


53 Petits Fours Envies Sucrees


A colourful selection with Lemon Tartlet, Opera Square, Raspberry Financier, Pistachio Rectangle, Coffee & Chocolate Eclairs, Apple & Blackcurrant Square, Apricot Flan & Chocolate Tartlet




48 Petits Fours Elegance & Chocolate


A chocolate based buffet selection including Chocolate and Coffee Tartlette, Pecan Nut Brownie, Chocolate Ganache Financier, Chocolate Banana Moelleux, Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate Entremet, Croustillant Chocolate, Chocolate Fondant




56 Assorted Petit Fours


Orange Mikado squares, blood orange hexagons, raspberry gianduja tartlets, apple blackcurrant squares, apricot tartlets, coffee chocolate rectangles, raspberry coco tartlets & coffee squares; 7 of each variety




More choice available upon request:


3 per person £5.00
5 per person £8.00
7 per person £10.00

10 per person £13.00


(Minimum order applies please ask for details)


To make your choice easier, please take these following points into consideration: 


Pre-dinner Cocktail: Choose 4 varieties of canapes

Cocktail Party: Choose 8 to 10 different canapes including cold, hot and sweet canapes

Birthday Party: Choose 4 cold canapes, 4 hot canapes and 4 sweet canapes




45 x Tipiak Luxury Temptation Canapes


 5 each of 9 varieties; Blini with Cheese, Smoked Salmon And Lemon x 5, Cheese with Basil And Prawn On Spinach Bread x 5, Cheese with Horseradish And Crayfish On Lemon Basil Cake x 5, Bresaola, Cheese With Mustard And Honey, Sesame Seeds On Special Grain Bread x 5, Semi Dried Cherry Tomato, Goat's Cheese And Pecan Nuts On Walnut Bread x 5, Courgette, Mini Rolls And Red Pepper On Tomato Bread x 5, Comte Cheese, Semi Dried Apricot And Almond Profiterole x 5, Crab, Cucumber And Trout Roe Profiterole x 5, Fig, Brie Cheese And Pea Semolina On Spiced Bread x 5. (1 x 45)




63 x Tipiak Provencal Bistro Canapes:


7 varieties: Polenta Base with Courgette and Cherry Tomato x9, Horseradish Cheese and Paprika on Sandwich Bread with Spinach x9, Choux Pastries with Goat’s Cheese, Almonds and Pistachios x9, Aubergine Preparation Ewe’s Cheese and Almonds on Sandwich Bread with Fig and Hazelnuts x9, Fromage Frais with Piquillos Peppers, Black Olive on Sandwich Bread with Curry x9, Tomato and Basil Cheese, Grilled Vegetables and Walnut Sandwich Bread x9, Mini Brioche with Brie Cheese Cream, Apple, Fig and Hazelnut x9. (1 x 63)




48 x Classic Canapes:


16 each of: pork & chicken liver pate with cranberry, avocado & prawn; pepper salsa & goats cheese; 48 topped crostini





48 x Tipiak Chicago Style Canapes:


6 each of 8 varieties: Mandarin & Prune with Smoked Duck on White Bread; Artichoke & Tomato on White Bread; Prawn, Basil-flavoured Cheese & Tomato Mini Brioche; Blue Cheese (fourme d'Ambert), Pear & Fig on Special Grain Bread; Trout Roe, Smoked Trout & Cucumber on Black Bread; Vegetables on Nordic Bread; Ham & Fig Butter on Olive Bread; Smoked Salmon, Lemon-flavoured Cheese & Cucumber Mini Brioche. (1 x 48)





72 x Smoked salmon canapes


In different flavours, cream cheese & dill circle, smoked salmon & paprika sandwich, cream cheese & lemon circle, smoked salmon mousse roll





60 x Handmade smoke salmon canapes:


In different flavours: oriental crab roulade, cream cheese & chive sandwich, sundried tomato & red pepper triangle,





48 x Classic Canape Selection: 


16 each of: pork & chicken liver pâté with cranberry; avocado & prawn; pepper salsa & goats’ cheese; 48 topped crostini salmon & cucumber square, salmon & lemon roll.





36 Piece Sushi Platter: 


With soy sauce, pickled ginger & wasabi. A large selection of hosomaki rolls filled with vegetables & salmon, 6 Salmon nigari and 6 Prawn nigari pieces with king prawns, Scottish Salmon, skipjack tuna and crunchy vegetables. (GF)  




20 Piece Salmon Deluxe Sushi Platter:


10 Salmon Nigiri, 5 Salmon & Cucumber rolls coated with Sesame, 5 Salmon & Avocado rolls coated in Chives.




New York Crunch & Nigiri Platter


5 Tempura King Prawn & Avocado & 5 Spicy Shredded Seafood, 4 Salmon Nigiri, 4 King Prawn Nigiri.




34 Piece Vegan Sushi Platter:


4 x Grilled Red Pepper Nigiri, 4 x Mixed Vegetable Nigiri, 7 x pickeled red cabbage, Yellow pepper & rocket rolls, 8 x Shhitake Mushrooms, Pepper & Lettuce Rolls,7 x Pickeled Carrot, Cucumber & red pepper Rolls, 4 x Cucumber Hosomaki, 4 x pickled red cabbage hosomaki.



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