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Food Platters


Beautifully presented fresh triangular sandwiches served on a selection of white & wholemeal bread, Complete with garnish.
Ideal for office entertaining:

Each platter is made up of 20 quarters which will serve 5 people
Comes with plates & napkins


Vegetarian Sandwich Platter £15.50


Sandwich fillings:
Cheddar Cheese & Branston Pickle (V)
Egg Mayonnaise (V)
Three Cheeses Mixed with Mayo & Spring Onion (V)
Hummus & Grated Carrot (VG)
Cream Cheese & Mixed peppers (V)


Vegan Sandwich Platter £16.50


Hummus & Grated Carrot (VG)
Red Peppers, Hummus & Avocado (VG)
Avocado & Cherry Tomatoes with a sweet chilli sauce (VG)
Hummus & Tomato (VG)
Couscous, Hummus, and mixed leaf salad (VG)


Gluten Free Platter £17.50


Served on gluten free  bread
Roast Beef 
Honey Roast Ham
3 cheeses mixed with mayo and spring onion (V)
Tuna Mayonnaise
Egg Mayonnaise (V)


Traditional Sandwich Platter £15.50


Sandwich fillings:
Cheese & Branston Pickle (V)
Egg Mayonnaise & water cress (V)
Honey Roast Ham & Piccalilli
Fresh Chicken and Stuffing
Tuna Mayonnaise 


Luxury Sandwich Platter £17.50


Sandwich fillings:
Oak-smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese
Fresh Prawn with Marie Rose Sauce
Salmon & Cucumber
Roast Beef & Red onion
Roast Turkey with Cranberry


Seafood Sandwich Platter £17.50


Sandwich fillings:
Tuna mixed with Mayo with a hint of chilli
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Prawn in a Maria rose sauce
Prawns in Mayonnaise 
Red Salmon & Cucumber


Full Tortilla Wrap Platter £17.50


A selection of full-size plain tortilla wraps.
Tuna with a chilli mayo Salad with red onion
Chicken & Bacon with Salad
3 Cheeses mixed with Spring onion & mayonnaise (V)
Egg Mayo, with a mixed leaf salad
    Chicken Tikka with a mixed leaf salad 


Mixed Mini Bun Platter x 12 Buns £18.00


Tuna Mayonnaise

Honey Roast Ham

Chicken & Bacon in Mayonnaise

3 cheeses with spring onion and Mayonnaise

Cheddar Cheese & Branston Pickle (V)

Egg Mayonnaise(V)



Hot & Spice Chicken Wings 15 piece £15.00


Reaper Hot Wings 15 peice £15.00


Southern Fried Chicken Drum Sticks 15 piece £15.00


Chicken Goujons 15 piece £15.00 plain, Hot & spicy, Southern Fried.


Tray of 30 Duck Spring Rolls £20.00


Tray of 30 Onion Bargee £15.00


Tray of 30 Veggie Samosa £15.00


Tray of 30 Veggie Spring Rolls £15.00


Mini Pasties Platter (serves 10) £15.00


Meat & Potato pasties or Cheese and onion (V) or a mix of both


Mini Mixed Platter (Serves 10) £25.00


Whist pies, Sausage Rolls, Chicken Goujons 


Mini Savory Platter (serves 5) £20.00


Whist pie, Sausage roll, Buffet Pasties, Quiche, Pizza slice.


Cup Cake Platter (serves 6) £12.00


A selection of large cup cake


Large Muffins (12/Pack) £24.00


Chocolate, Blueberry & White Chocolate & Raspberry


Danish Pastaries (12/Pack) £24.00


Fresh Cake Platter (serves 6) £15.00


A selection of fresh Individual Victoria sponge cakes


Fruit Platters (serves 5) £15.00


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